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Motorcycle locksmith services

Lost your motorcycle key or need a spare? Locksmith Doctor is here to help.

Do you have spare motorcycle keys? Whether you’re taking a trip through Sam Houston National Forest, the Woodlands Back Stretch, or the challenging Three Sisters, you’ll enjoy the ride more with extra keys in case you lose yours. Even around town, a spare gas cap key and ignition set can really make your day. For top-quality key copies and other motorcycle locksmith services, you can rely on Locksmith Doctor to come through, serving Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas with 24/7 mobile emergency locksmith service. Our local locksmith company is a member of the Texas Locksmith Association, the Greater Houston Locksmith Association, and 1-800-Unlocks. Our professional, licensed locksmith services and years of experience show that you can count on our lock services and repairs and our great key copies to keep you safe and secure.

Your Motorcycle May Have Many Keys – We Can Replace Them

The ignition key isn’t the only one on most motorcycles, there’s usually a gas cap lock and key that’s critical for longer rides and important around town, too. You may have a key to secure your helmet, saddlebags, and other features of your ride. Our motorcycle locksmith can unlock them for you and make replacement motorcycle keys of most kinds. After all, you may not be able to find a Ducati key where you’re headed, but you can with us!

Increasing Levels of Motorcycle Security

Theft prevention for motorcycles is getting serious, and make motorcycle key copies for most newer models including tubular Harley Davidson keys and chipped motorcycle keys. For many types, we can also make motorcycle keys from scratch using codes present in secure locations, or from your owner’s paperwork. A warning, though: for some brands, if you lose your last key, especially if you don’t have your paperwork and motorcycle security code handy, getting a replacement could be a hassle, and expensive, as the motorcycle dealer has to perform verification and possibly replace a motorcycle security fob or even a new ignition security system or ECU, just like a car, costing hundreds and in some cases thousands. Don’t worry, though, we’re well versed in the many backup solutions manufacturers provide before things get to that point.

Motorcycle Brands We Handle

We’re not only the “motorcycle locksmith near me” that you’ve been looking for, but we also handle a wide range of makes and models, including Triumph, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Victory, Yamaha, Can-Am, and Ducati. If you run into trouble with a malfunctioning motorcycle ignition, we can often help and repair your motorcycle ignition so you can rely on it. If you want to be secure after buying a used motorcycle or losing your keys, have us rekey your motorcycle locks so you know you’re the only one who can take it for a ride. For other services like fixing malfunctioning chip key systems and motorcycle key and fob replacement, we’re the ones to trust.

Your Houston, TX Motorcycle Locksmith

At Locksmith Doctor, we can set you up with a set or two of spare keys for security, help with motorcycle lock problems when you’re stuck in the Houston area, and provide many other motorcycle locksmith services, around the clock. Keep our number handy, or give us a call today and ask if we’re ready to help with your motorcycle make and model.


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