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Should I Choose a Dealer or Locksmith for Car Keys?

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Locksmith Tips

Need a replacement car key or key fob programming? Does hanging around your car dealership on a busy Saturday morning to pay premium prices for these services sound fun to you? Don’t go! There’s no need to go to a car dealership for replacement car keys or key-related services. If you lose your car keys, you don’t even have to call an Uber. Locksmith Doctor can send a skilled mobile locksmith to your Houston, TX, home to provide you with the car key maker or car key duplication services you need.

Locksmiths Make Car Keys

Locksmith Doctor has the same automotive key maker equipment and car key programming tools that car dealerships have. We can also fix ignitions and door locks. You can expect superior key-making solutions when you call a trained locksmith for the job.

Pay Less for Car Keys

When you contact a local locksmith service like Locksmith Doctor instead of a car dealership for new car keys, you can expect to pay affordable rates. Car dealers charge premium rates for services that deem premium, like car key programming, car key replacement, and key fob replacement and programming. By calling Locksmith Doctor, you can get our premium services for an affordable rate.

Keys Made Fast

How long would you mind sitting in a busy car dealership and waiting for a tech to make your new car keys? An hour? Two? Dealership automotive centers are notoriously slow. Don’t waste your free time. Call Locksmith Doctor for our fast key-maker solutions. Because we bring our equipment to you in our mobile locksmith van, you can relax in your own home, watching television, attending to your household chores, anything you like.

Skilled Locksmith Technicians

Professional locksmiths are trained to make keys, including automotive keys for domestic and foreign vehicles. While mechanics are trained to repair engines, brakes, and the like, they are not lock and key experts with the same degree of training as certified locksmiths. Let our skilled mobile locksmith provide you with expertise and high-quality key products.

Mobile Locksmith Service

As mentioned, Locksmith Doctor will send a mobile locksmith to your Houston, TX, location to provide our key maker or key copy services. Our van is fully equipped with everything needed to provide our automotive locksmith services. We rely on quality products and parts to serve our customers. If you need other auto locksmith services such as ignition repair or door lock repair, you can rely on us for those services too.

Keys for Most Makes and Models

Locksmith Doctor is able to make and replace / copy keys for most auto makes and models. We invest in the key-making and key programming equipment needed to perform our services. Additionally, we make keys for motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters, RVs, boats, and more. Our locksmiths have experience making keys for multiple types of vehicles. You can depend on them for all of your key-making needs.

Emergency Locksmith in Houston, TX

If you lose your car keys, you may be unable to wait for our normal business hours. That’s okay as we provide emergency locksmith services day and night. If your car key breaks in your ignition or you need new car keys to replace lost ones, you can call us any time–even weekends and holidays!

Get in touch with Locksmith Doctor if you need car key replacement or key duplication in Houston, TX. We also offer residential and commercial locksmith services. Customers rely on us for our excellent workmanship, great customer service, and fair pricing. Call us to learn more or to schedule a mobile locksmith service.

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